Turnkey Manufacturing

Gradient is dedicated to providing customers with quality parts at competitive prices, and providing a wide range of services to fit the customer’s needs. In addition to our in-house manufacturing, we also offer:
  • Custom Sheet Metal Production – We specialize in sheet metal parts fabrication of thicknesses of .02 to 3/8th inches. We can assist you with drawings, prototyping, and mass production. Our Factory complies with ISO 9001-2015, TSI ISO1649-2009 & ISO1401-2004 for your high volume/quality requirement
  • PCB/PCBA Cable Assembly – prototyping and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, printed circuit board assemblies & cable assembly
  • Injection Molding – GDE’s molding factories build hundreds of tools per year. With both Single and Double injection molds, we are ready to accommodate almost any part.
  • Detailed Inspection Reports –  Our State-of-the-art Optical Comparator and Depth Gages allow us to ensure your parts are within specifications.
  • Supply Chain Consolidation – With our long list of trusted suppliers, outsourcing has never been easier.