PCB/PCBA/Cable Assembly


Gradient provides quality prototyping and manufacturing of printed circuit boards, printed circuit board assemblies & cable assembly.  We focus on building product quality into every step of the manufacturing process, and manufactured in full compliance with meeting customer standards.

Rigid, Flex/Rigid and Metal Base PCB’s and PCBA’s.

Rigid PCB

Flex-Rigid PCB Specifications

Metal Base PCB Specifications

  • We comply with RoHS, REACH, UL Standards and are TS16949, ISO 14001-2009 and ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Quality Equipment: Optical Comparator, X-ray Coating Tester, Controlled Impedance Tester, Metallographic Microscope, Solderability Tester, Ionic Contamination Tester, AOI Machine, Auto E-Test Machine
  • Production Line: Drilling Machine, PTH , Plating, Auto Dry Film, Auto Exposure, Etching, Soldermask Printer, Soldermask Developing, CNC Milling, Tunnel Baking, Laminating, Auto Polish, Working Panel Rounding, Legend Printing, Brown Oxidation

Cable Assembly

We are capable of cut and stripped wire, complex wire harnesses, interconnection assemblies to your specification, ribbon cables, IDC multi-conductor (shielded and non-shielded) assemblies, and complex cables for commercial and industrial equipment. Our quality trained professionals help assure that to deliver a defect free product on time at the quoted price.

  • Quality Outgoing Inspection Tests: High voltage / pressure resistance / continuity / insulation, pull force and short-circuit test.