Injection Molding

GDE’s molding factories build hundreds of tools per year.  GDE’s expert injection mold part engineers focus on our customer’s needs and
collaboratively interface with our mold designers to successfully deliver your project. Driven by a “Customer First Philosophy”, GDE provides
tools of exceptional quality that are competitively priced, defect free and delivered on time. From a simple screw to the most complex parts, GDE focuses on the details for every project. GDE’s goal is to be a complete solution provider that manufactures your parts with the engineering
approach our customers have come to expect.

  • Single Injection Mold
  • Double Injection Mold
  • Over Injection Mold
  • In Mold Decoration
  • Metal Injection Mold
  • Blow Mold
  • Micro Mold
  • Casting

Material commonly used: TPR , PC, PC/ABS, ABS, PBT+30%GF, POM + 30% GF, PPO + Fiber Carbon

  • Parts and Contract Assembly
    • FDA FEI Manufacturer
    • IP-68 Rating
    • FDA 510K
  • Injection Molding Factory complies with AS 9100D, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, RoHS
  • Quality Control Includes: Optical Comparator, CMM, Optical Blue Light 3D Scanner
  • 80T to 780T Injection Molding Machines
  • High precision CNC and EDM’s for tooling fabrication

Injection Molded Parts Packaging

Casting Parts